How Property Managers Can Save Time and Money With Simple Maintenance

How Property Managers Can Save Time and Money With Simple Maintenance

One of the issues we run into during our season is parking lots that haven’t been maintained properly who have become past the point of no return. There are ways to keep up with your asphalt repairs to ensure your parking lot lasts as well as your budget. It’s crucial to maintain your parking lot to prevent having to fully replace your asphalt.


Crack Filling 

One of the services property managers can do that is easy on the budget is crack filling. Crack filling is necessary to prevent water and oils from leaking  Crack filling on average costs .75-$1.00 per linear foot of crack. With crack filling every two-three years this will help prevent larger cracks and potholes to form.





If potholes do form in your parking lot, it is important to take care of them before they get any larger. The proper way to do this is by saw cutting out the problem area, replenishing/grading the base materials, and then laying in new hot mix asphalt.




After your parking lot is crack filled and patched, sealcoating will give your asphalt that final coat of protection to help ensure your asphalt will last. Sealcoating helps keep oils and waters out of your base materials.




If these services are completed correctly by a professional every couple years, your business will save money in the long run. Simple maintenance can help prevent from having to fully replace your parking lot. If these issues aren’t addressed when they should be, they will only continue to grow into larger headaches and higher bills. Call Hallman Asphalt & Sealing today for your FREE estimate on your parking lot maintenance.