Commercial Sealing

A deep, rich blacktop parking lot adds tremendous value to your businesses and curb appeal. When sealcoating, cleaning the parking lot is a huge part of a great finished product. Hallman Asphalt & Sealing LLC has a wide range of blowers and sweepers and tools to clean your lot. Most commercial properties receive two coats of sealer for added durability. When sealcoating commercial properties we take may factors in to completing the job.

  • Work may have to be done on the weekend or in phases to keep business open.
  • Blocking parking lot off
  • Coordinating Crack Filling, Line Striping and Patchwork to also keep business open
  • When working at Assisted Living or Elderly homes it’s important for the owner and Hallman Asphalt & Sealing LLC to communicate with emergency services if access to the parking lot is need before starting the project
  • Night work may need to be done
  • Commercial properties my need special additives added to the sealer
  • Sealing in very busy drive lanes may need extra coats of sealer