Heat Patching / Infrared Asphalt Repair

International Heat Patch Truck

Aside from removing and replacing asphalt down to the base, infrared asphalt repair is another option we offer for residential and commercial customers. Although it may be a short term fix, it is less expensive compared to remove and replace. Infrared repairs are great for parking lots who may be on a budget while still wanting to address multiple areas.

How Does It Work?

On the backside of our heat patch truck, there is a large 6′ X 8′ platform made of heating columns. The platform is lowered over the desired area and heated for 10-15 minutes. After asphalt has been heated, the truck is moved away and we scrape the top layer of the asphalt. After the “junk” asphalt is removed, we add in new hot mix asphalt. Once new hot mix is spread evenly, it is rolled and compacted into its final state.

Benefits of using Infrared Repair:

  • Less expensive vs. removal and replacement
  • Faster application allows us to give you a better price
  • Helps repair alligatored areas and potholes


    • Heat patches on average are $150/per heat. We do offer discounted heats when doing in larger bulk numbers.



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