Parking Lot Cleaning by Hallman Asphalt & Sealing

After the Wisconsin winter snow clears, there tends to be a lot of dirt and debris left behind. Over the course of the winter, there’s salt and sand used to keep the snow and ice from causing issues to employees and customers. Often, there are areas where the remains build up in certain spots causing eye sores to your lot. Along with dirt & debris, there tends to be trash and other unwanted litter left behind. Hallman Asphalt has an efficient and effective way to get your parking lot looking new again.

Things You Should Know About Parking Lot Cleaning & Why It’s Important:

  • Your parking lot is the first thing anyone will see when arriving to your business. Clean and professional appearing parking lots will help attract people to your business.
  • A clean parking lot will help prevent erosion from occurring.
  • Maintaining your parking lot will help extend the longevity of your asphalt.
  • Studies show people are less likely to litter in places that are clean and clear of other litter.
  • Help minimize the pollution draining from your parking lot by ensuring it’s clean/litter free runoff.

There are other reasons as to why it’s important to keep your parking lot clean, but these are some of the most important. We’re equipped with top of the line equipment to make sure we get your parking lot cleaned and looking new again. With brooms, sweepers, and high powered blowers we will clean and rid your lot of all dirt and debris.

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One Stop Shop

Once your asphalt is cleaned, look to Hallman Asphalt & Sealing to protect your investment. Our asphalt maintenance services will make it last for years! We do sealcoating, crack filling, patch work, and pothole repair. And, yes, we do base work and line striping for drive thus and parking lots. We even do concrete repair and replacement. See a complete list of services here.

We care about our customers—they aren’t numbers to us; they’re names, they’re faces; they’re friends. We have the experience to tackle any challenge, but we’re not so big that we’ve forgotten that it’s you that brought us here. We’re in business because we take good care of our customers.

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  • Parking lot cleaning price is dependent on square footage/dirt level of parking lot.

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