Quarterly Crack Edition 1

Hallman Asphalt has decided to share news with our clientele. Every quarter we will send out a letter informing you of issues you may be encountering and how to handle them. We hope you enjoy The Quarterly Crack.

The Winter Blues

Now that spring is upon us, you may notice runoff water in your garage/basement. If this is something your residential or commercial property is battling, you are not alone. You may be wondering how you can fix this issue. Hallman Asphalt offers drainage correction using excavating and paving to prevent your property from further damage. Asphalt or concrete can be pitched so that water will run away from your home.

Other issues you may notice once the snow melts are potholes and cracks. It is crucial that potholes are fixed professionally to ensure durability over time. Professional patch work will also prevent the pothole from growing. The same applies to cracks in asphalt. For businesses this needs to be fixed immediately to prevent any legal implications. The legal battle you may have to fight will end up far more expensive than tackling the problem when it happens.

Services To Think About This Spring

Drainage Correction- Rework the asphalt/concrete pitch to allow run off to flow away from buildings.

Crack Filling- Fill cracks using hot tar to prevent cracks from allowing water in.

Sealcoating- Adding a fresh seal to your pavement to ensure longevity.

Patching- Saw cut and replace the asphalt to prevent damage to tires/vehicles.



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