Quarterly Crack Edition 2

For the second edition of the quarterly crack, we explain the importance of sealcoat and crack filling.

Protecting Your Investment

Warm and dry temperatures are crucial for the sealcoat process to be most effective. Now that mother nature is cooperating with the warm temperatures we need, we are able to sealcoat. Let’s hope she holds out on dumping us with too much rain!

For years we have been using an asphalt emulsion sealer to meet the strict guidelines set in Dane county and by other departments. While still a great product, the last few years we decided to start using a petroleum-based sealer by Star-Triton, which still meets and passes all the rules and regulations. We are proud in our choice with Star-Triton for its durability, eco-friendliness, lack of odor, and the final rich black color it provides. So, whether we are taking care of your home driveway or business parking lot, rest assured we truly provide the best product.

Crack filling also goes hand in hand with sealcoating. We fill cracks with hot tar to ensure the asphalt can expand and contract without causing friction or further cracking. These two services together will help your asphalt and base stay healthy throughout the variety of the Wisconsin seasons. Once your asphalt has its protective coat, and cracks filled, you will have successfully protected your asphalt from oil and water leaking into the base, while also having the best-looking driveway on the block. On top of that, blacktop with a fresh seal will also attract more sunlight, which will help melt that dreaded Wisconsin snow.

So lets send some positive thoughts to Mother Nature so we can all the good summer weather we’re known for here in Wisconsin!

Services To Think About This Summer

Sealcoating- Spraying sealer on all asphalt surfaces to seal in oils and keep out water. Adds a professional final image to the asphalt.

Crack Filling- Fill cracks using hot tar to prevent cracks from allowing water in.

Line Striping- Freshening up the lines in your business parking lot will ensure clientele can properly use while remaining a professional image.

Patching- Saw cut and replace faulting asphalt.


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