Quarterly Crack Edition 3

Summer is coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean we are out of time to work. There are services that can be done in colder temps 

Crack Kills

Cooler temperatures aren’t ideal to sealcoat your driveway. The sealer relies on warm weather and the sun to help cure the final product. To help we’re sharing our professional expertise for some recommended deadlines. For our residential customers we recommend sealcoating up until middle of September and commercial sealing can be done until early October. The big difference here is that commonly residential driveways tend to have more surrounding trees, whether your own or your neighbors, that cause unwanted shade and falling leaves during the fall. Don’t fret if sealing doesn’t fit the timeline this year for your driveway, we welcome getting ahead of the curve and getting a proposal now to get you on the list for next year spring sealing.

Crack filling on the other hand can be done until Thanksgiving. Cracks in your asphalt allow water and other substances to get down to your base. If you have a parking lot/driveway that needs its cracks filled, the fall is a great time to do so. Unlike sealcoat, crack filler has a much shorter set up time, where it can be driven on within 10-15 minutes after being filled. It is crucial to check for new cracks every two to three years to stay on top of protecting your asphalt.

When we arrive to crack fill, we route out all new cracks 3/4”x3/4” (imagine a large saw blade), heat lance all cracks for added cleaning and grip (large blow torch), then fill the cracks with hot tar. Routing allows us to lay more tar in the crack to ensure more expansion and contraction of the asphalt thus preventing as much future cracking. Crack filling pricing starts at $250. If you would like your cracks routed the minimum charge is $400. Commercial jobs that requires routing, your minimum charge is $650.

When your asphalt is already passed crack filling, don’t fret there are still options for repair. When cracks spread too much, alligatored areas will form and alligatored areas can turn into potholes. This is when patching is a great option for you. Like crack filling, patch work can be done in cooler temperatures of the spring and fall. Our process is to saw cut out and remove the bad asphalt, regrade your base material, then lay and compact fresh new asphalt. This is the proper way to fix your asphalt ensuring your investment lasts longer than a couple years. This process of patch work starts at $1500.

Small maintenance projects are crucial to preventing your small issues from turning into larger issues. With proper regular maintenance your asphalt driveways can last 20-30+ years.


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