Mini Warehouse / Storage Unit Lot Maintenance

Seal Master 300 Squeegee Machine

In our industry, projects come up that require unique application of asphalt sealer. Storage units and mini warehouses have tight driveways and alley ways that don’t allow much room for spraying sealer. However, instead of doing these large projects by hand, we have purchased a squeegee machine. This allows us to apply sealer at a faster, more efficient rate.

How Does It Work?

The squeegee machine has multiple parts. The engine is mounted on the front. This controls movement of the machine along with pumping the sealer through the valves. In addition, the machine is equipped with a 300 gallon tank that we pump sealer into from our seal trucks. A water tank sits underneath that feeds the sprayer on the front of the unit to mix with the sealer. On the back of the machine an employee sits above the valves, along with the squeegee portion of the machine. Sealant comes out of the vales into the lower portion where the squeegee can maneuver sealer to lay an even coat.

Benefits of our Squeegee Machine:

  • Your buildings will remain free of any overspray
  • Faster application allows us to give you a better price
  • Helps fill voids with squeegee


    • Squeegee Machine application price is dependent on square footage/amount of sealer for your parking lot.


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